An Introduction to Sociology

An Introduction to Sociology

1.1 What Is Sociology?
Sociology is a broad discipline. Different kinds of sociologists employ various methods for exploring the relationship between individuals and society. Check out more about sociology at http://openstax.org/l/what-is-sociology.

1.2 The History of Sociology
Many sociologists helped shape the discipline. To learn more about prominent sociologists and how they changed sociology check out http://www.macionis.com/gallery-of-sociologists/ferdinand-toennies/.

1.3 Theoretical Perspectives
People often think of all conflict as violent, but many conflicts can be resolved nonviolently. To learn more about nonviolent methods of conflict resolution check out the Albert Einstein Institution http://openstax.org/l/ae-institution

1.4 Why Study Sociology?
Social communication is rapidly evolving due to ever improving technologies. To learn more about how sociologists study the impact of these changes check out http://openstax.org/l/media